We developp softwares, designed to create 3D terrains

in the field of 3D mapping from 2D imagery, radiometric processing and 3D urban models

Digibati is a production tool designed to extract buildings and trees from a single aerial or satellite imagery.
Main features at a glance
  • Building footprint extraction
  • Building height evaluation
  • Building roof shape extraction
  • LOD2 buildings
  • Trees extraction
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and optimized edition tools
  • Produced data can be used directly into your GIS/Mapping software, Urbanism solution, 3D Engine/Renderer, Virtual Globe, Flight simulator
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PixelBlender generates homogeneous image mosaics from heterogeneous sources.
Main features at a glance
  • Global radiometric correction
  • Radiometric reference
  • Seamless results
  • C++ SDK or a standalone desktop version
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